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Jay Gwuapo Drops “Black Mask” With Pop Smoke


Jay Gwuapo & Black Mask


“Black Mask” by Jay Gwuapo & Pop Smoke is one of the best drill songs I’ve heard this year.

It’s only a matter of time before Jay Gwuapo becomes a household name. Not only is he a fantastic rapper, but it also seems like he knows a bunch of big-time artists in the game. Today, Gwuapo decided to drop “Black Mask,” his best single to date.

“Black Mask” boasts a menacing beat, tons of violent lyrics, and impeccable flows. Even though the song features a chilling verse by Pop Smoke, I think the star of the show is Jay Gwuapo.

Jay Gwuapo is the Roddy Ricch of drill music.

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