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Cody Lee Electrifies On “New Normal”

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Cody Lee


“New Normal” is off Cody Lee’s “Woodpecker Crisis” album.

Cody Lee is a musician that relies on pure passion and his great voice to guide him to the finish line of songs. With that being said, on Woodpecker Crisis, his latest album, he gifts us with a bunch of tracks that I guarantee will pierce your soul. One of my favorite tracks from the album, “New Normal,” highlights just how complete of a musician Lee is.

“New Normal” is powered by an action-packed instrumental. Over it, Cody Lee slyly lets the world know that he wishes things were how they were a couple of years ago. What I love about the song is that Lee sounds unbothered and somewhat poetic on it. I also love how the song sets the tone for Woodpecker Crisis.

Listen to “New Normal” below!



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