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Three Eyes

If you love futuristic instrumentals, “Three Eyes” was put on this earth for you to enjoy!

Three Eyes are musicians that I am not exactly sure are from this planet. On their previous project, New Realms EP, they do a great job of gifting us with music that is futuristic, innovative, and beyond riveting. On their latest project, Three Eyes, the band turns things up a notch!

Three Eyes opens up with “The Value Of Nothing,” a song that starts off like a movie but eventually turns into something that is mesmerizing, hard-hitting, and colorful. After “The Value Of Nothing,” you will hear “Tenebrous Bump,” a song that capitalizes off starry vibes and interesting drum patterns. From there, we are blessed with “Death As a Current Event,” a song that is uptempo, action-packed, and sly; “Things To Consider,” a song that boasts explosive hip-hop elements and lovely melodies; and “Finger In My Eyes,” a song that will make you feel like you are lost in some clouds.

Three Eyes closes out fantastically. “6 Foot Reverie” is an astral gem that will intoxicate your mind; “Tempted By Diffidence!” is a happy-go-lucky tune that will put you in a euphoric state; “Return From Without (The Value Of Nothing, Pt. 2)” is a rap banger that will go over a bunch of people’s heads (Kudos to Sabelo Cyprian for putting up explosive raps on the song); and “Apostatic Communion” is a spine-chilling track that also features a few vibrant moments here and there.

If you haven’t heard Three Eyes, stop everything you are doing and listen to the project. It is one of the most creative/intriguing bodies-of-work out there.






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