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NAV & Wheezy Release “Stella McCartney” With Future

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NAV, Wheezy & Future


“Stella McCartney” doesn’t sound like any of the songs on Emergency Tsunami.

So many people are praising NAV and Wheezy’s Emergency Tsunami album. I, for one, do not think that it features enough snap music. Today, “Stella McCartney,” a semi-snap song that is featured on the reloaded version of Emergency Tsunami, has hit streaming services.

NAV and Future sound like gleeful savages on “Stella McCartney.” Throughout the song, they glowingly talk about using drugs, spending money, and smashing dimes. They also hit us with melodies that are more infectious than the Coronavirus.

For some odd reason, this “Stella McCartney” song makes me want to play Ring-Around-The-Rosie in the shakiest hood in America.

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