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Zay Lux Goes Off On “WORD!”


Zay Lux


Zay Lux is an up-and-coming rapper that you need to pay very close attention to.

Even though Zay Lux is only 21-years-old, I think he has all the tools to make a major splash in the hip-hop game. On “WORD!,” Lux’s latest single, he hits us with raps that will go over a few people’s heads like a f**king a mistletoe.

“WORD!” was put on this earth to hype real ones up. The song is powered by a booming beat, an intense hook, and lyrics that will make you terrified to step on Zay Lux’s sneakers. As for the flows that he raps with on the song, they are as dynamic as it gets (Zay literally dissects the beat that powers WORD! with pure ease). All in all, I think “WORD!” is an explosive trap banger that is impossible to dislike.

Give Zay Lux’s “WORD!” a shot and a half below!

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