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Bleary Channels His Vulnerable Side On “Sever, Pt. 1”




“Sever, Pt. 1” will remind you how complicated life can be at times.

Bleary is an up-and-coming artist from Portland that makes thought-provoking music. What I love about him is that he usually lets his emotions take over the songs that he creates. With that being said, “Sever, Pt. 1,” his latest single, is a bowl of gripping music.

Bleary lets his heart bleed on “Sever, Pt. 1.” Throughout the song, he tackles the ups-and-downs that come with loving someone, the ups-and-downs that come with self-exploration, and the ups-and-downs that come about when you are trying to pursuit happiness. While Bleary blesses us with a vocal performance that is beyond intoxicating on the song, I think that the raps that he hits us with are equally impressive.

Listen to “Sever, Pt. 1” below.




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