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Listen To “11th Street” By Luke Crimiel


Luke Crimiel

I highly recommend that you listen to “11th Street” by Luke Crimiel.

Luke Crimiel is an amazing singer, an outstanding writer, and someone that has been around all kinds of music since the age of 4. What makes his songs unique is that they are usually well-structured and feature powerful messages. Crimiel’s latest body of work, 11th Street, is jam-packed with music that is so good, it might make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

11th Street is what I would call a dynamic album. Every track on it features nostalgic vibes, profound melodies, and intricate instrumentals. While listening to the album, you are going to enjoy how Luke packages his deep emotions about love, heartbreak, and everything in-between with truly captivating vocal performances. You are also going to love how he finds a way to make R&B music play nice with pop, rock, and alternative music.

Listen to 11th Street by Luke Crimiel below.



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