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Listen To “Famoso” By Sfera Ebbasta


Sfera Ebbasta

Sfera Ebbasta shines on the very impressive “Famoso.”

Sfera Ebbasta is doing so well in Italy, he’s starting to get tons of love in America. This weekend, Ebbasta decided to release Famoso, an album that I think will turn some heads.

Do you know what I love about Famoso? It features all kinds of music. In my opinion, “Abracadabra” sounds like your typical trap banger, “Baby” sounds like your typical reggaeton banger, “Hollywood” sounds like your typical pop banger, and “Salam Alaikum” sounds like your typical pool party banger. All in all, I think that the album has something for everyone.

Just to reiterate, Famoso features guest appearances from Future, Offset, Lil Mosey, J. Balvin, Diplo, Steve Aiko, and more.

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