“Jealous” tells the tale of getting lost in the rat race while watching the world pass you by.

If you don’t know who Khamari is, you should acquaint yourself with him before he becomes too famous and only releases music every half-decade. (I’m looking at you, Frank Ocean)

Khamari has dropped some of the most polished music I’ve heard this year. On his latest EP, Eldorado, he shines on tracks like “The Heat,” “That Girl,” and “Jealous.” The latter of these releases will have you feeling both hyped up and dismayed at the same time. 

“Jealous” demonstrates the noteworthy vocal abilities of Khamari, as well as his ability to create a well-produced song layered with vulnerability and all of the smoothness that a tune can carry. If this track doesn’t convert you to fanship, perhaps “The Heat,” a similarly poetic and nuanced song that holds signature tones only Khamari can relay, will. 

This is only the beginning for Khamari. I cannot wait to see what else this craftsman produces.