Bad Bunny

It looks like Bad Bunny didn’t sit on his ass and eat Funions all day while he was in quarantine.

Bad Bunny is one of the 61,308,613 (And counting) people that caught COVID-19. Fortunately, he is not experiencing any severe symptoms. Matter of fact, he is feeling so good after he caught it, he decided to release a whole new album, El Último Tour Del Mundo, today.

El Último Tour Del Mundo has hits, hits, and more hits! Not only does Bad Bunny bless us with all types of irresistible melodies on the album, but he also shows the world that he is more than capable of making infectious/powerful Latin pop, Latin trap, and reggaeton songs. If you are in need of music that you can dance and cry to, give El Último Tour Del Mundo a shot and a half!

El Último Tour Del Mundo features guest appearances by Rosalía, ABRA, and Jhay Cortez.