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Jojo2Amazing & Trill Will Seek Loyalty On “Long Road”


JoJo2Amazing & Trill Will


“Long Road” is going to end up being the realest song you hear today.

Jojo2Amazing and Trill Will do fantastic jobs of painting gripping pictures in their music. On “Long Road,” a collaboration song between the two MCs, they talk about intimidating ops, getting money, and guarding themselves against fake love.

I love how robust “Long Road” sounds. Not only is the song powered by a riveting beat, but the raps that you get from both Jojo2Amazing & Trill Will also straddle the line between gritty and emotional.

While Jojo plows through his verse on “Long Road” relying on passionate deliveries and a relentless flow, Trill Will comes across like a sly boss that is a master at wordplay and creating clever punchlines. The two rappers’ contrasting styles sound really good together.

Make sure that you check out “Long Road” below!

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