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Jennifer Lopez Seeks Love Over Lust On “In The Morning”


Jennifer Lopez


If J-Lo was mines, I would tell her that I love her in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, during my lunch-break, during those random times I wake up at 2AM, during bathroom breaks… Hell, when J-Lo is on a bagel, I will love J-Lo every time!

There is nothing Jennifer Lopez cannot do (Well, maybe she can’t flip a pancake like Drake can). With the release of “In The Morning,” her latest single, J-Lo reminds the world how great of a singer she is.

“In The Morning” is the type of song that you will absolutely get lost in. It features a dramatic island instrumental, a passionate vocal performance, and melodies to die for. The song also features lyrics that will remind you to prioritize love more than you prioritize anything else in the world (Including sex).

Listen to the very impressive “In The Morning” below.

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