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Listen To “Meant For You” By Trey Warner


Trey Warner

Trey Warner explodes onto the music scene with the very entertaining “Meant For You.”

Trey Warner is probably more talented than you, me, our parents, and our neighbors. While you may know him as a successful actor from Utah, he is also a musician that knows how to make songs that will tickle your fancy. On Trey’s latest project, Meant For You, he shines in various ways.

Meant For You starts off with “MEANT FOR YOU,” an action-packed rock tune that straddles the line between exhilarating and comforting. From there, you get a song called “WE FOUND LOVE, YOUNG LOVE” that boasts passionate vibes; a song called “START THE FIRE” that boasts upbeat vibes; a song called “UNFORTUNATE FAME” that boasts intoxicating rock vibes; a song called “TONIGHT AND FOREVER” that sounds like a magical slow jam; a song called “TELL ME THIS IS LOVE” that boasts nothing but feel-good vibes; and a song called “TEENAGE CHRISTMAS” that flips your typical Christmas jam upside down. With such variety, it’s clear that Meant For You is an EP that has something for everyone.

Listen to Meant For You below!




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