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Freezing POinT Holds Nothing Back On “3?U&L$”

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Freezing POinT


Freezing POinT literally does it all on “3?U&L$.”

I root hard for Freezing POinT. These last couple of months, I’ve watched him work his ass off. Today, FP decided to release “3?U&L$,” a song that will show you how much potential he has.

“3?U&L$” is powered by a creepy trap beat. Over it, Freezing POinT dramatically lets his chick know that he’s borderline obsessed with her. Throughout the song, FP hits us with intoxicating melodies, mind-numbing rap deliveries, and daring harmonies. He also hits us with lyrics that would make Edward Scissorhands proud.

Listen to the very climactic “3?U&L$” below!

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