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Listen To “Sr. Tweak Tweak” By Speedyville Nardy


Speedyville Nardy

“Sr. Tweak Tweak” is a tough-ass body-of-work.

Every once in a while, listening to music that makes you want to get your mob on is needed. With that being said, Sr. Tweak Tweak is a trill-ass album that features sinister trap beats, heinous lyrics, and some of the grungiest deliveries I’ve ever heard.

I’m convinced that Sr. Tweak Tweak was created in the dirtiest bando in America. Throughout the album, Speedyville Nardy raps grungily about his rough come-up, about his heartbreak ways, about his willingness to crunch ops, and about hitting licks. Every single song that he raps over is powered by a beat that was made by someone that probably doesn’t know how to smile. Also, every flow that Speedyville raps with is beyond dynamic.

Listen to Sr. Tweak Tweak below!





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