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NBA YoungBoy Releases “Blow Yo’ Rocket”


NBA YoungBoy


NBA YoungBoy is a workaholic.

In the last 24 hours, NBA Youngboy released three new songs — one of them is the very powerful “Blow Yo’ Rocket.”

NBA YoungBoy actually raps over a beat that is pretty chill on “Blow Yo’ Rocket.” Unfortunately, he talks about drug use, violence, and heartbreak in the song (This dude is so depressing to listen to at times).

While NBA YoungBoy mainly sings on “Blow Yo’ Rocket,” when he raps on the song, he sounds like a dude that just finished taking bath salts.

Believe it or not, I f**k with the vibes that this “Blow Yo’ Rocket” song gives off.

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