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Juice WRLD & Benny Blanco Are On Some “Real Shit” On New Posthumous Single


Juice WRLD & Benny Blanco


Juice WRLD’s presence continues to live on.

Since Juice WRLD was such a hard worker, you know that he had tons of music stashed away for a rainy day. Today, a brand new single from him called “Real Shit” has hit streaming services.

Unlike 85% of Juice WRLD’s catalog, “Real Shit” is a positive banger. Throughout it, he sings exuberantly about living a good, edgy, expensive, and improving life.

As expected, the melodies that Juice WRLD hits us with on “Real Shit” will get stuck in your head very quickly. You will also be inspired by Juice’s fearless vocal performance on the song.

It’s stunning how Juice WRLD’s sound still permeates throughout the music industry today.

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