24KGoldn & Dababy


24KGoldn is officially 2/2 (I’m assuming that he has only dropped two songs in his life).

“Mood” by 24KGoldn is one of 2020’s surprise hits. For those of you that think that 24 is going to be a one-hit-wonder, “Coco” should hit you on your one head.

“Coco” is the perfect pop-rock/emo-rap/commercial-trap hit! The song features a vocal performance by 24KGoldn that is edgy, soulful, and fearless, and gritty-ass raps by DaBaby. Since the two artists talk about women that are flakier than a homemade biscuit in the song, you can also call “Coco” a petty banger, too.

Do y’all hear remnants of “Rockstar” on this song, too?