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Listen To “Limbo (Deluxe)” By Aminé



Aminé adds seven new songs to Limbo.

This deluxe version of Limbo is actually significant. This year, so many high-profile artists dropped albums (Some dropped two or three), which means somewhat popular artists like Aminé probably had their tight-ass projects get ignored. With that being said, on this very quiet week for music, I think the release of this deluxe version of Limbo will allow folks to fully appreciate the original version of the project.

Aminé straddles the line between a serious, a playful, and a grungy rapper on this deluxe version of Limbo. He also comes across as a dude that is down for weird sex, overdrinking, and reckless spending. As for Valee, Toosii, and Saba, the three rappers featured on the project, they come across as savage-ass enablers and hood Robins.

Listen to Limbo (Deluxe) below!

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