Melii & 6LACK


Why the hell is 6LACK taking pictures with my 15th wife?

I think Melii has superstar written all over her. Not only does she have a unique voice, but I also love how raw she is. Today, Melii decided to release “You’re Not Worth It,” perhaps her biggest single to date.

To say that Melii holds nothing back on “You’re Not Worth It” is a major understatement. Throughout the song, she lets her ex know that she isn’t with his flakey, phony, busted, lazy, and small pee-pee ways. As for 6LACK, he puts up a slick-ass verse on the song (In all honesty, I don’t think that this song needs a male’s perspective).

Go ahead and give my wife Melii’s “You’re Not Worth It” song a shot below (We need the money for our second house).