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ROSALÍA Hops On The Remix To The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights”

Whatchu Think?


The Weeknd & ROSALÍA


Who the hell asked for a Latin remix to “Blinding Lights?”

I love ROSALÍA, but she is on one of the most pointless remixes in hip-hop history (“Highest In The Room (Remix)”). Well, it looks like the Latin megastar wants me to hold her beer because “Blinding Lights (Remix)” might be even more pointless than “Highest In The Room (Remix).”

What ROSALÍA adds to “Blinding Lights” is lyrics that I do not understand (I failed Spanish in both high school and college), a vocal performance that is thrilling, and karaoke vibes. What she doesn’t add to the song is interest.

I’m sure ROSALÍA told The Weeknd that she would only appear on this “Blinding Lights” remix video if she was added to the song… The Weeknd probably reluctantly obliged.

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