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Varro Vivyds Makes The “Same Routine” Sound Exciting On New Single


Varro Vivyds

Sadly, “Same Routine” is a very relatable song…

The coronavirus has turned even the most outgoing person into a snail. Matter of fact, even I have tried to find unique ways to keep myself busy these last couple of months. In “Same Routine,” Varro Vivyds, an up-and-coming singer from Santa Cruz, CA, lets us know how she gets by on a daily basis.

“Same Routine” is powered by a beat that straddles the line between lively and smooth. Over it, Varro lets us know all of the good (Well, good is a stretch), the bad, and the ugly things that happen to her on a normal day. What I love about the song is that it features infectious melodies, a stupefying vocal performance, and semi-warm vibes. I also love how much of an open book that Varro is in the song (She fearlessly talks about going to sleep late, waking up late, forgetting what day it is, and leaving laundry wet in the song).

Listen to the humorous and enjoyable “Same Routine” below.

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