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BLEAM’s Time Is Now!


BLEAM is too talented for his own good.

BLEAM is a genre-bending house producer that hails from Orange County, California. Currently, he calls Los Angeles, a city full of all kinds of stars, his home. What makes BLEAM special is that he loves technology (His name means to send or transmit electronic data in binary) and he loves taking chances!

Ryan grew up playing classical guitar. As time went by, he started to find more and more progressive ways to create music that features infectious melodies, hard-hitting drums, and more. Overall, his music can be described as a raw, left-field blend of underground dance.

Before COVID-19 ravaged through America, BLEAM performed his first show at Summerlands Music Festival. There, thousands of people were able to hear his unparalleled sound. Since the show, BLEAM has performed all over the Southern California club scene. He has also performed with artists such as DVBBS, JOYRYDE, Firebeatz, Feed Me, and more.

Pay close attention to BLEAM. His heavy streaming numbers have regularly landed him in the Top 100 charts on iTunes and on several editorial playlists on Spotify.

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