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Ashera Finds Unique Ways To Deliver Strong Messages On “Rob The Rich”



Ashera tackles touchy topics and merges all kinds of sounds on “Rob The Rich.”

Sooner than later, we will be getting a brand new album called Rob The Rich from Left/Folk band Ashera. In the past, they’ve released controversial songs such as “1,000 Dead Fascists,” “Punch a Nazi,” “The Battle Of Portland,” and “Capitalism Must Burn.”

Ashera fearlessly talks about race, freedom, equality, politics, and more in Rob The Rich. They also do everything in their power to bless us with astonishing melodies, rousing harmonies, and unique vocal performances.

I can’t wait to hear Ashera bluntly/rawly/uniquely talk about America’s biggest sins in Rob The Rich!

Rob The Rich will hit streaming services on December 18th!



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