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Franz Black Pays Homage To “Horses & Cowboys” On New Single


Franz Black


Of course, a song dedicated to horses and cowboys is awesome!

Franz Black was put on this earth to make compelling country music. While I tend to enjoy his vocal performances, it’s his songwriting that blows me away. With that being said, on his latest single, “Horses & Cowboys,” Black paints a great picture of the Old West.

“Horses & Cowboys” features an instrumental that boasts both smooth and authentic country vibes (Kudos to guitarist Steve Giddings for his contributions to the track). As for Franz Black, he does a fantastic job of dishing out lyrics that will remind you how beautiful, how exhilarating, how romantic, and how action-packed the old west was.

I guarantee that you will enjoy the catchy hook and the intoxicating melodies that you hear on “Horses & Cowboys.” You will also enjoy how laidback the song feels.

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