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Listen To “Before My Time Is Up” By Quando Rondo


Quando Rondo

I can’t believe that Quando Rondo decided to call his new mixtape “Before My Time Is Up.”

These last couple of weeks, Quando Rondo’s name has been in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Today, he decided to release Before My Time Is Up, an album that should remind you how talented of a musician he is.

Throughout Before My Time Is Up, Quando Rondo switches between a grungy rapper and an emotional singer, between a cold-hearted killer and a big spender, and between a heartbreaker and a horndog that loves him some vajayjay. What I like about the mixtape is that it features both emotional and gritty hood vibes. What I don’t like about the mixtape is that it features a bunch of violent verses (His violent lyrics hit differently given the whole King Von situation).

Listen to Before My Time Is Up below!



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