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Blxst – No Love Lost (Album Review)

Blxst shines on “No Love Lost.”



A mix of hip-hop bass and R&B lyrics is definitely a bop.

The theme of love is translated into a nonchalant rant that stands as a motivational upbeat conversation on “Overrated.” Blxst’s choice to incorporate a simple hook serves as the perfect interlude before “Wrong or Right.”




“Searching” has to be one of the best vibes that are out right now.

The beats used on this song are the right mix of melodic rawness, not crossing boundaries, and allowing the voice of Blxst to be at the forefront. One thing about Blxst’s songs is that you will find something to relate to. Whether you’re the one speaking or being spoken to, he creates a role for each listener. 




The early 2000s had such a dope sound, it’s hardly ever a mistake when artists borrow from that era.

Blxst’s “No Love Lost” is complex, smooth, and mesmerizing. Blxst creates a wonderland for hopeless romantics that struggle with expressing true feelings — birthing a safe place for reflection, emotion, and comfort. “No Love Lost” is not like any other song on the album, which makes it the perfect choice for it to be the first song.


1. NO LOVE LOST (5/5) 

2. OVERRATED (4/5)


4. GANG SLIDE (2.5/5)

5. BE ALONE (2.5/5) 

6. JUST SAY’N (3/5)

7. SEARCHING (4/5) 

8. HURT (3/5)




No Love Lost is definitely a mood that calls for lighted candles, a glass of wine, and a dim of the lights. However, this mood is only going to last no more than 20 minutes. 

No Love Lost combines soft hymns mixed with melodic rhythms that create an automatic head bob and calm surrender to comfort. At first glance, one would see this album as belonging to the R&B genre; however, Blxst sprinkles specs of hip hop that intertwine. No Love Lost is the perfect companion for those who are in need of company or a mental distraction. Whether you’re embarking on a journey or need some headspace music, this album fills in the holes. The only complaint is that it will fill space, but not create new boundaries. There is a stagnancy within the music in which the mood stays on the same level throughout. Extending the songs, or adding more music will benefit this project extremely — which it looks like Blxst agrees.  

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