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Ramonie – Monie (Album Review)

Ramonie proves his worth to the world on “Monie.”



3. 5AM

You get Ramonie’s best rap performance on “5AM.”

“5AM” is powered by a beat that might f**k around and make you doze off. Over it, Ramonie spits nothing but explosive bars (How backward is that, right?)! Not only does he spit game on how to treat a woman that is on your jock in his verses, but he also drops lyrics that should resonate with anyone that has insomnia.

The tricky flows that Ramonie raps with on “5AM” should impress you. It’s almost like he wanted to troll the soft-ass beat that powers the song.




Ramonie talks about his improbable journey to success in “Uber Days.”

I find it ironic that, even though Ramonie hits us with some pretty deep bars about his come-up in “Uber Days,” he delivers them in a way that shows the world how bright his future is. I also like that he raps with a style that is so slick/laidback, even the beat that he raps over sounds like it wants to cruise down a quiet highway with him.

If you got it out of the mud, you will f**k with “Uber Days.”




“Monie” opens up Monie fantastically! The song is quirky, effortlessly trill, and hella lyrical.

You’re going to love how Ramonie hurls out bars about his sly, heartbreak, intelligent, and weed smoking ways using flows that are impregnable and punchlines that are clever on “Monie.” You’re also going to love how he sounds like he made the song while sitting on the most comfortable chair on this planet.


1. MONIE (4/5)

2. 20/17 (4/5)

3. UBER DAYS (4/5)

4. 5AM (4/5)


6. WITTY DUMBO (4/5)





It’s clearly Ramonie’s world; we’re just living in it.

On Monie, Ramonie straddles the line between a playa, a young boss, a heartbreaker, and a hustler. Even though I think he destroys every single song on this album with sneaky-good flows and clever punchlines, there’s this charm to him that makes him super relatable. Hell, I got flashbacks to my heyday while I was listening to him spit bars!

Do you know what’s funny about Ramonie? He has an English accent, but he gives me US vibes… Let me find out that Ramonie likes Lemon pepper wings and Hennessy!

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