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NBA YoungBoy Loses His S**t On “Green Dot”


NBA YoungBoy


For a split second, I thought this was going to be a positive song…

I’m a grown man that is not afraid to admit that NBA Youngboy scares the hell out of me. On some real s**t, the level of anger that he shows in his music is astonishing. Today, NBA decided to release “Green Dot,” yet another heinous banger that features murderous lyrics.

NBA Youngboy incriminates himself quite a bit on “Green Dot.” Throughout the song, he raps ferociously about revenge killings and shootouts. While the style that Youngboy raps with on his verses will make you believe that he has rabies, at the end of the day, kids like it when he sounds like he has rabies in his music…

Pray for NBA Youngboy, guys. (I think I’m going to end every review I do of his music with this line)

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