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Blackriver’s “Deep, Blue Ocean” Is An Ode To Childhood Memories With A Timeless Feel


Bryan Blackriver 

Bryan Blackriver is a writer, editor, designer, and musical artist. He enjoys creating music that he describes as “quiet and emotional.” While Blackriver’s pieces are mostly of the electronic and instrumental nature (think trance EDM vibes), he occasionally toys with rock elements and personal vocals.

Blackriver’s What I Remember Collection is a tribute to his childhood memories and experiences, as well as his favorite components of the 90s. According to Blackriver, the last two volumes have a significantly less retro feel to them than the previous two. The song “Deep, Blue Ocean” definitely has a modern sense and feel to it.

“Deep, Blue Ocean” layers nicely. It really builds from the soft intro that features calming beats and whale sounds. Just over halfway through the song, the melody flips, changing up the eerie calm to a slightly more upbeat mood; though we never truly move away from the atmospheric tone or the very “trance-like” constant beats per minute. Fans of chill-hop or anyone looking for something relaxing will be pleased by Blackriver’s newest addition.

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