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Sixtwoseven Rocks Out On “One Night Stand”



The rebellious energy that powers “One Night Stand” will make you want to destroy a guitar and jump on your parents’ bed.

Sixtwoseven is an American alternative rock band. Throughout the years, they have toured all over the west coast and have released a bunch of different projects. One of the band’s latest singles, “One Night Stand,” is one of their best songs to date!

“One Night Stand” is powered by an uptempo instrumental that boasts electrifying guitar riffs, intoxicating drum patterns, and tons of bass. Over it, Greg Bilderback (Lead vocalist) boisterously/ferociously/roaringly sings about messing up a promising relationship with someone because of his urge to have a one-night-stand with them.

“One Night Stand” is a painfully relatable rock hit that is hella memorable. Give the song a shot and a half below!

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