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Soulflvr Releases A Hot New Remix To His “Slow Tonight” Hit




“Slow Tonight” gets an exhilarating remix!

When SOULFLVR makes music, he doesn’t miss. Just a few months ago, he released a song called “Slow Tonight” that folks in the gaming scene (Counter Strike Global Offensive) are soaking up. SOULFLVR decided to release a remix to the hit single that is just as good as the original version.

“Slow Tonight (RYTS REMIX)” is an EDM masterpiece! Not only does the song feature both epic build-ups and stimulating drops, but it also features a more intoxicating performance of the original song’s dynamic hook. All in all, if you are in the mood for listening to a track that will make you pump your fist, party uncontrollably, and overdrink, I recommend that you give “Slow Tonight” a shot and a half!

Listen to “Slow Tonight (Remix)” below!

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