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Listen To Jackboy’s “Love Me While I’m Here” Album Featuring Denzel Curry, Tyga, 42 Dugg, & More



Kodak Black’s shooter continues to hold down the fort while he’s in jail.

Don’t you dare sleep on JackBoy, he is a very skilled rapper! Matter of fact, on his last album, Living In History, there are moments in which he sounds identical to the great Kodak Black. Anywho, today, JackBoy decided to release Love Me While I’m Here, an album that features guest appearances from Denzel Curry, Tyga, Kodak, 42 Dugg, and more.

JackBoy puts up an impressive performance on Love Me While I’m Here. On songs like “Pressure Bust Pipes,” you’re going to love how he wears his heart on his sleeve and sings fearlessly; while on songs like “Feel It,” you’re going to love how gritty and lyrical he sounds. You’re also going to love how JackBoy, surprisingly, meshes well with Denzel Curry on “Think They Are,” how he turns up with Tyga on “Aggy,” and how he goes full-out demon mode on “Hard To Creep” with 42 Dugg.

Believe it or not, Love Me While I’m Here is a very dynamic rap album. While Jackboy does not bless us with the wisest of lyrics on it, he does toy with a myriad of styles.



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