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Fidelis Shines On His Emotional Debut Single “Want This”



OVERALL RATING (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

“Want This” was put on this earth to remind you to never give up on your dreams, even when life tries to throw a curveball at you.

Fidelis is an up-and-coming musician that was born in Nigeria and raised in London. What music fans will like about him is that he has a voice that can move mountains, he is an outstanding writer, and he is a multi-instrumentalist. On his debut single, “Want This,” Fidelis connects with listeners in the most touching way possible.

The vulnerability that Fidelis shows on “Want This” makes the track a must-listen. Throughout the song, he fearlessly talks about all of the negative, positive, and motivational thoughts that have run through his head on his way to reaching his dreams. While you’re going to love how Fidelis makes sure that every single one of his words pierces your soul like the sharpest knife on this planet, do not ignore how soulful/soothing the vocal performance that he puts up is, how powerful his melodies are, and how intoxicating the song’s instrumental feels.

“Want This” is perfect for visionaries, dreamers, creators, and those of you that are on your grind. Listen to the very powerful tune below!





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