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Rico Sixx Holds Nothing Back On The Very Explosive “SCUM PUNK”


Rico Sixx


Rico Sixx is an emo-rap artist that has no problem bum-rushing his way to the top.

After listening to Rico Sixx for the first time, your life will change. In his music, he tends to rap with tons of energy, he tends to bless us with rebellious lyrics, and every once in a while, he might sing a little. With that being said, on “SCUM PUNK,” Rico’s latest single, he shines by being a lovable wreck.

Even though “SCUM PUNK” is powered by both fiery rap deliveries and an intense beat, a good chunk of the lyrics that Rico Sixx hurls out in the song promotes positive s**t like individuality, perseverance, and anti-f**kboy-ism. The song also boasts vibes that would make the Lil Peeps, XXXTENTACIONs, and Juice WRLDs of the world smile hard (R.I.P. to those three rappers, BTW).

On the real, I love how Rico Sixx blends authentic rock and street vibes in his music, especially on “SCUM PUNK.” If you want to hear something that is different from what you are used to listening to, give the song a shot below.




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