Playboi Carti – Whole Lotta Red (Album Review)

The most anticipated thing since Jesus’ return, “Whole Lotta Red,” has finally hit the earth.





Kanye West puts up his best verse in years on “GO2DAMOON.”

Kanye West dominates “Go2DaMoon.” Not only does he rap on 80% of the song, but his bars about being impeachable, hitting clubs with tons of cash, and being a wolverine in sheepskin will make you want to replay his old s**t. I will say this, though: Playboi Carti does add catchy/ferocious raps to the song at the very end.

On the real, the best thing about “Go2DaMoon” might be the song’s beat. That s**t makes me want to pick a fight with a Care Bear.




Believe it or not, “Place” will calm your nerves, lower your blood pressure, and unturn your stomach.

“Place” is powered by a beat that is smoother than Gary Coleman’s hair. Over it, you get a version of Playboi Carti that sounds both calm and high. Savages of the world, no need to worry, Playboi talks about popping Xans, f**king chicks, and shooting his enemies in the song, so s**t isn’t completely peaceful…




“Slay3r” is one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard this year.

Playboi Carti clearly made “Slay3r” at a Chuckee Cheese that is a few doors down from a trap house. In the song, he sounds bouncy as hell, but also like a dude that is ready to go to war with his ops, ready to steal our women, and ready to unconfess to his sins.

I f**k with the energy “Slay3r” possesses a lot. I also f**k with the erratic deliveries that Playboi Carti raps with on the song.




Playboi Carti swags his way to the finish line of “New N3on.”

Folks are going to love “New N3on.” Not only is the song powered by this booming beat that also boasts futuristic vibes, but it also features lyrics that should bring out the demon in you, steady rap flows, and a hook that is so effortlessly infectious.



1. BENO!

Playboi Carti talks his s**t effectively on “Beno!”

On “Beno!,” Playboi Carti does everything that he usually does well: He hits us with braggadocious lyrics, he hits us with trill-ass lyrics, he hits us with dynamic flows, and he even raps over a beat that you’re used to hearing him rap over. If you are a Playboi Carti fan, you should be very pleased with the performance that he puts up on “Beno!”

Yes, ironically, “Beno!” will give you heartburn.



2. GO2DAMOON (4/5)





7. SLAY3R (4/5)

8. NO SL33P (3/5)

9. NEW TANK (3/5)

10. TEEN X (3/5)

11. MEH (3/5)

12. VAMP ANTHEM (4/5)

13. NEW N3ON (4/5)

14. CONTROL (4/5)

15. PUNK MONK (3/5)

16. OON THAT TIME (2/5)

17. KING VAMP (3/5)

18. PLACE (4/5)

19. SKY (4/5)

20. OVER (3/5)


22. DIE4GUY (2/5)

23. NOT PLAYING (4/5)

24. F33l LIK3 DYIN (3/5)




Whole Lotta Red will remind you how catchy, wild, and wacky Playboi Carti’s music is…

For those of you that want me to get straight to the point, I will: Whole Lotta Red does not live up to the outrageous expectations that were placed on it. For some reason, folks on social media expected the album to be better than Illmatic. What I will say about Whole Lotta Red is that it is impressive in these ways:

  • Firstly, I believe that Playboi Carti does a fabulous job of making annoying-ass hooks, annoying-ass melodies, annoying-ass verses, annoying-ass flows, annoying-ass beats, and annoying-ass deliveries somehow, someway not sound so annoying when they are meshed (He’s the only rapper that is capable of doing this).
  • Secondly, Carti plays a pretty solid goon, a pretty solid heartbreaker, and a pretty solid rockstar whenever he needs to on the album (I was afraid that he would sound like a complete weirdo on this album).
  • Thirdly, I love that Carti relies on the same type of beats that he rapped over a few years ago on the album (Bouncy/fantasy-like trap beats). Matter of fact, his boy Pierre Bourne produced a few songs on the album.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, Carti does a great job of staying true to his artistry on the album. Despite Mario Judah exposing how ridiculous his high-pitch style of rapping is, Carti shows the world that only he can make his style work on the album.

At the end of the day, I do not see how someone can take this Whole Lotta Red album seriously… Throughout it, Carti sounds like he’s tweaking off drugs, like a troll, like a Looney Tunes reject, and like someone that hasn’t had his growth spurt yet. I get it, TikTokers are going to abuse this album, but as a hip-hop junkie that gives zero s**ts about TikTok, I don’t see how this album could be played in any other setting than a club that serves Xanax bars.

Whole Lotta Red is ‘whole lotta mid.’ It’s not Playboi Carti’s fault that the album does not live up to expectations; it’s our fault for putting astronomical expectations on the album.

19 thoughts on “Playboi Carti – Whole Lotta Red (Album Review)

  1. Trash album
    Album rating: WholeLottaAss/10
    Favorite tracks: Beno, New N3on, Sky
    Least favorite track: Literally everything else

  2. 0mg .+💋🧛🏿‍♂️ kaNt beLieVE itS fiNaLLy *hERe . 🦋 i lUv aLL mY *wOKstArS . 🙂 💋💋 +i tOlD dA biT* 2 ShuDdUpp .🧛🏿‍♂️ thAnX 4 dA tAnK *yE . 💋🦋 dEluXE oN dA wAE yEssS lOvE . 😉 *sLaTT+*💋🦋🧛🏿‍♂️*


    Wow. It’s actually here. Me being a die-hard Carti fan, i’ve been anticipating this album’s release for what feels like tens of thousands of days. But i tried really hard not to ride the hype wave and let my expectations go through the roof. I think that’s what happened with a lot of people, they let the hype get to them which led them to expecting the album to have 24 Magnolias. This is most likely why the album’s getting mid/trash reviews on twitter and insta. Another reason behind this is the fact that people are only giving the album one listen and making up their minds without giving it another chance. This is one of the biggest things people need to understand about Carti – you have to let his music grow on you in order for you to actually enjoy it. People also need to realize that his songs are for vibing/turning up – NOT lyricism. I found several similarities between WLR and Gunna’s album “Wunna.” To get the best experience out of both of these projects, you have to turn your brain off and vibe the f*ck out. Whereas Wunna was more psychedelic and an awesome album to listen to when you’re high (i had an insane trip), WLR is more hype and rambunctious. That being said, this album is one of the most polarizing bodies of work i’ve ever listened to. People who were expecting a “Die Lit 2” clearly had no idea what was going on. Carti literally said in his GQ interview that the album would be, and i quote: “alternative and psyched out.” Unlike most people it seems, I love this new experimental side of Carti and it just goes to show how essential he is in the hip-hop industry.

    Back to what I said earlier, people have to give the album a few listens before finalizing their opinions on it. I’ve listened to the album 10 times in full (may have gone a little overboard lmao) and am now ready to give my first thoughts on it. Because of how extraordinary this album is and based on my experiences with “Playboi Carti” and “Die Lit”, I’m expecting my opinions to change multiple times. But for now, I think this review will cover most of my overall thoughts.

    Track 1: “Rockstar Made”

    DAMN!! Loving this energy! Gives me R.I.P. vibes. At first, Carti saying “Nevatoomuch” 28 times got on my nerves, but i’ve grown to love it. The best part of this song has got to be the second verse. Can’t imagine what it would feel like being in a mosh pit while this song is on full blast. Great intro! Really sets the tone for the rockstar vibe this album gives off.

    Track 2: “Go2DaMoon (feat. Kanye West)”

    My 2nd favorite WLR snippet. Kanye goes off! Definitely his best verse since “Kids See Ghosts.” Love how the beat keeps switching from bubbly to sinister. Beat drop
    is insanely long… (Carti has a habit of blue-balling us huh?) Wish Carti’s verse and the song altogether could’ve been longer. Still a good track nevertheless.

    Track 3: “Stop Breathing”

    Hey, wasn’t Uzi supposed to be on this? (And track 16?) Carti really chose some HARD-ASS beats!! This is the energy I’ve been waiting 2 and a half years to hear again. Has some pretty funny lines: “U fuq wit mah opps?? U fuq wit da cops!!” Very catchy song, been stuck in my head and on repeat for the past couple days. Digging the screamo-Carti btw.

    Track 4: “Beno!”

    Now shifting gears to the calmer, less “Wokstar” side of Carti, I must say i’m pretty impressed with his performance here. Sounds like one of the better songs on Eternal Atake, specifically “Got the Guap.” Definitely one of the tracks that will resonate with people who like the more lyrical side of Carti.

    Track 5: “JumpOutTheHouse”

    Alright Carti, we know you like to experiment with new vocals, beats, etc., but what in the actual f*ck is this?? “rAaAcks ToppaMahMuhfuccnBtchz” “eSsaHteE. wiT nO mAaHleE!!” Seriously bro, you sound like a Disney Junior character who inhaled a sh*t ton of helium and damn near overdosed on percs! Definite skip for me but who knows, maybe it’ll grow on me soon (highly doubtful…)

    Track 6: “M3tamorphosis (feat. Kid Cudi)”

    Crazy that this is over 5 minutes long and the previous track was a minute and a half (Carti is truly one of the world’s greatest mysteries.) During my first couple listens, I thought this track was WAYYYY too dragged out and dull. However, the more i listen to it the shorter it feels and the more it gets me excited. And can i just say that Carti rapping over Cudi’s hums is one of the most soothing, heavenly things i’ve ever heard? The title is also very fitting considering Carti’s experimentation over the last couple years and the fact that he went from your everyday H&M worker to a goddamn reincarnation of Dracula. I also gotta say that Cudi SLAYED his verse and made the song 10 times better compared to if he wasn’t featured. SO glad he was put on this track. One of the best standouts on the album for sure.

    Track 7: “Slay3r”

    Ngl, i f*ck with the GarageBand beat on this track and love its simplicity. Carti’s flow is insanely catchy and complements the beat really well. “Whole lotta mob sh*t” annoyed the hell out of me at first but now i consider it a highlight on the album (thus showing you the importance of listening to carti’s music multiple times.) “She suck on my d*ck i was on the playstation” man we know that’s a lie. We all know you were “playing the playstation with little oozi” while your baby mama was giving birth. Really Carti?

    Track 8: “No Sl33p”

    Aw hell yeah! It’s those “buh-buh-buh-buh” ad-libs from Flatbed Freestyle!! Carti sounds just as hyped as i was when i found Whole Lotta Red on his Spotify profile. His flow at the end of the first verse sounds a little off and could’ve been improved. Like where the song was going and wish it could’ve had another verse.

    Track 9: “New Tank”

    They thought i was gay! DEFINITELY my favorite track on the album so far!! I really don’t see how any human could hate this! Ever since Carti previewed this on his instagram live i’ve been obsessed. If you’re reading this thinking i’m insane for loving this track TRUST ME, you HAVE to let it grow on you! I truly have no complaints: the beat is FIRE, Carti’s flow is IMPECCABLE, and his ad-libs are ON-F*CKING-POINT! Ironically, i love how the track’s run time is a minute and a half because it helps me appreciate every little detail throughout it. Immediate 10/10 and definitely a top 10 Carti track for me.

    Track 10: “Teen X (feat. Future)”

    Even though Carti reverts to his opioid-addicted Disney Channel character voice, i enjoy this track every time it comes on. This is definitely the most polarizing track on the album for me. I absolutely HATED this track during my first 2-3 listens, but i caught myself repeating the hook after that. I found this track similar to Uzi’s “Wassup” with Future. I didn’t realize how incredible it was until my 4th or 5th listen. The way Carti says “WeOnExx WeOnCodeeine!” is oddly satisfying, and it’s made me grow to love his helium voice. As for Future, he puts up a pretty good verse even though i could barely understand what he was saying. Looking back at his previous songs, i’m very pleased that Future was placed on this track because i can totally see him rapping over a beat like this. Both artists did very well. Not a favorite, but not a bad track. I’ll definitely keep listening.

    Track 11: “Meh”

    Not to be confused with “@ Meh”, this track really reminds me of Yachty’s “Count Me In.” It has that same “we finna take all your money and f*ck all your b*tches” type flow. Carti really sounds ready for war. Those “SlattSlattSlatt” ad-libs at the end are some of the best so far.

    Track 12: “Vamp Anthem”

    Never in a million years would i have imagined Carti rapping over a musical composition from the 1700s. Damn, this is fire!! That “GO!” ad-lib about 20 seconds in is truly amazing. Really impressed with Carti’s bars on here. My only complaint is that i wish he would’ve done something better at the end other than repeating “vamp anthem” 20 times. Other than that, this is an amazing standout track.

    Track 13: “New N3on”

    One of my favorite WLR leaks!! Every time i hear the words “that be maaly raw!” i know i’m in for some outstanding production. LOVING this flow Carti’s putting up! Those chimes 20 seconds in are ear candy and give me Shoota vibes. People are gonna love this after a couple weeks when all the hate starts to diminish. AWESOME track!

    Track 14: “Control”

    Long-ass DJ Akademiks sample. The beat sounds like something straight out of a summery live-action Disney Channel movie. Appreciating this more passionate side of Carti. The track feels a bit empty at times, but i think that fits the song’s vibe. Pretty mid track.

    Track 15: “Punk Monk”

    A lot of people are hating on this track (calling it borderline ear-rape and a bunch of other sh*t) but i really can’t understand why. Loving the instrumentals and the way Carti says “some friendly-ass n*ggas.” Would’ve been dope if he signed Trippie and Keed. Didn’t know Offset and Uzi were beefing (when i found out why i couldn’t help but laugh.) Started off pretty good but ended kinda weak.

    Track 16: “On That Time”

    Back to those hard-ass beats at the beginning of the album. Sorta reminds me of “No Auto” on Eternal Atake Deluxe. “We gon’ push up b*tch, lil b*tch” goes hard as hell! One of my biggest issues with this album is how soon the tracks end when they appear to be going somewhere. Nonetheless, this is still a great track that kept my blood pumping.

    Track 17: “King Vamp”

    Ight Carti, you’re a vampire fanatic we get it! This is one of the few tracks that should’ve been cut from the album imo. It just feels unnecessary and out of place. His flow isn’t very catchy and it’s just a boring track overall. Maybe i’m missing something but based on the 10 times i’ve listened to this it’s a skip.

    Track 18: “Place”

    Another great Carti leak! Glad he decided to balance his experimental songs with some fan favorites. Anyone else thought their audio broke during that long-ass pause? Finally we get a Pierre Bourne beat! Wish there could’ve been more on the album (hopefully we get a sh*t ton on the deluxe like what Uzi did.) Love the vibe that this song gives off. Another flawless track. Will definitely get the attention it deserves soon.

    Track 19: “Sky”

    The vibe is immaculate! LOVING the second half of this album. This might be my favorite chill beat on the entire project. Who needs drugs when you can listen to this?? Sounds like something he cut from Die Lit and put it on this album after he realized how fire it is. Top 5 WLR track for me.

    Track 20: “Over”

    Love this snippet! Sounds like “Long Time” part 2. (Wouldn’t be surprised if he tried pulling what Uzi did with XO Tour Life.) Really like how Carti keeps switching up his flow while the beat remains the same. Deserves more recognition imo.

    Track 21: “ILoveUIHateU”

    Carti + Pierre = VIBES. Really not much to say about this track. We already know that when these two link up it’s phenomenal. One of their best works yet. Goat track no doubt. (Side note: remember when Carti hinted at a Travis feature? This would’ve been the track to put him on.)

    Track 22: “Die4Guy”

    Wokstar Carti. He chose the perfect beat to rap over his past experiences and how he was living the thug life. This alternative rock style is really good, and i’m loving Carti’s constant experimentation. Definitely worth coming back to. It’s lit.

    Track 23: “Not PLaying”

    Loving the space-themed beat. Sounds exactly like something that should’ve been on Eternal Atake if Uzi was on here. Carti’s going off! The brief pauses about a minute in bothered me at first, but now i look at them as very innovative. Even though the end is a bit empty, i love it.

    Track 24: “F33l Lik3 Dyin”

    This track doesn’t really match the vibe of the album, but f*ck it. That Bon Iver sample is GENIUS!! Amazing production and a good performance by Carti. An emotional way to close off the album. Very well-executed.


    🐐- Stop Breathing, New Tank, New N3on, Place, Sky, ILoveUIHateU

    🔥- Rockstar Made, Go2DaMoon, Beno!, M3tamorphosis, Slay3r, Vamp Anthem, On That Time, Over, Not PLaying

    🆗- No Sl33p, Teen X, Meh, Control, Punk Monk, Die4Guy, F33l Lik3 Dyin

    🗑- JumpOutTheHouse, King Vamp


    This album is getting WAYYYY too much hate. People need to give it a second chance because there are some real BANGERS on here! The majority of the tracks are fire and deserve more recognition. Die Lit is still my favorite Carti album, but this isn’t that far below it. Definitely better than his self-titled mixtape. This was well worth the wait and i will have this album on repeat for a while. Can’t wait to see what he does with the deluxe (i’m hoping for more Pierre beats, more leaks, and an Uzi/Travis feature.)

    Sorry for this long-ass essay of a review lmao.

    1. This is such a fantastic review!!!!!! I think it really puts the album into perspective. I do agree with you that it will grow, but I don’t know how much. Nonetheless, I have new ways to look at it.

    2. Cap. I’m a Carti fan and after dozens of listens, the album was still bad. I tried rocking with it with my friends in the car and they told me to turn it off and that I have bad taste lol. The album is not GOOD, it’s BAD.

      1. Strongly disagree but i respect your opinion i guess. My only suggestion is that you give it time. The album’s still pretty new and even though you’ve given it several listens, just wait a couple weeks or months and decide whether you truly hate it or not. This happened to me with “Lean 4 Real.” When Die Lit came out i played it nonstop, and for the first couple weeks this track was always a skip. However, after giving it time and letting it grow on me i started liking it. Now it’s one of my top 5 favs on the album. Really don’t know what else to say but come on bro, this isn’t THAT bad.

      2. LMAO! Your friends weren’t having it!

        On some real ish, the songs that are good are actually pretty good… the songs that are bad are actually pretty bad. If you show people songs, just show them the good stuff lol

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