The Outcastkid

“The Euphoric Level” is short but sweet.

The Outcastkid is probably cooler, higher, and more skilled than you and I. His music tends to feature chill-ass vibes but also hard-hitting raps. If you want to get hip to his music, I recommend that you listen to his new The Euphoric Level EP.

The Euphoric Level contains three fantastic songs. The first one, “Play me on your speaker,” features a bouncy beat, braggadocios lyrics, and dynamic flows. The second one, “47 Balance,” features a beat that is somewhat dark, controversial/woke lyrics, and easygoing raps. The third one, “Gassed Up Sit Down,” features two laidback beats, a myriad of flows, and lyrics that will encourage you to do something illegal.

Here’s my advice to you: Listen to The Euphoric Level when you’re vibing out and smoking on some good weed.