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Richard Schroder Blesses Us With Summertime Vibes On “The One I Run To”


Richard Schroder


“The One I Run To” is off Richard’s forthcoming EP “The Stillness.”

Richard Schroder is a Boston-based singer/songwriter that makes music that will warm your soul and purify your heart. In 2019, he released Skyline, an album that has gotten tons of love from music fans worldwide. Richard has returned to the music scene with a gleeful new single called “The One I Run To.”

I absolutely love the vivacious instrumental, upbeat melodies, and summery feels that “The One I Run To” boasts. I also love how Richard tackles the topics of love and dedication in a way that is both relatable and genuine in the song. All in all, if you are looking to listen to a song that will put you in the perfect mood, “The One I Run To” is that song!

Give “The One I Run To” a shot and a half below!


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