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Saweetie & Doja Cat Link Up For “Best Friend”


Saweetie & Doja Cat


Saweetie and Doja Cat’s friend circle probably has mad dimes.

When it comes to women rappers, there aren’t many that are as popular as Saweetie and Doja Cat. Matter of fact, the two ladies performed at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin Eve 2021 just a few days ago. Today, Saweetie and Doja decided to release a collaboration single called “Best Friend” that indicates that they are tighter than Ginuwine’s girl’s pants.

If you have a booty that is so big that it jiggles without you even doing anything, “Best Friend” is the perfect song for you! The bouncy beat gives off strip club vibes, the hook is catchier than a muthaf**ka, and the lyrics that you get from both Saweetie and Doja is both juicy and adorable. As for the music video below, it will speed up puberty for a lot of folks.

When is Saweetie’s album coming out? I feel like she has dropped at least ten singles in the last two years.

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