I expect these five people to earn tons of Moola in 2021.


J.I. The Prince of N.Y. might be yelling “KING ME” by the end of 2021.

I am one of J.I. The Prince Of N.Y.’s biggest fans. While I don’t disagree with the people that say that he sounds likes the Lil TJays of the world, I do think that he separates himself from rappers like Tjay by hitting us with truly poetic lyrics in his music.

If you want to get hip to J.I. The Prince of N.Y., I recommend that you listen to these three songs: “Letter 2 U,” “R&B Shit,” & “Hood Scars 2.”



4. VV$ KEN

Under Tory Lanez’s tutelage, I expect VV$ Ken to make a major dent in 2021.

Tory Lanez has talked glowingly about VV$ Ken these last couple of months. After listening to his verse on “Boink Boink” and “1 Hitter,” I see why Lanez is so high on him.

In my opinion, VV$ sounds like a grittier version of Tory; sorta how Juelz Santana occasionally sounded like Cam’ron in his music back in the day. At the end of the day, I think that Tory is such a good musician, he has to rub off on VV$ in a good way.

If you want to get hip to VV$ Ken, check out “Boink Boink,” “1 Hitter,” and “Deadly.”




Toosii is about to slide into 2021 with major confidence.

Toosii is a very versatile musician. You can find him on gritty bangers, R&B bangers, and club bangers. What I also noticed about him is that he seems like the type of guy that musicians call on to complete their records. I can see him doing his solo dolo thing this year, though.

If you want to get hip to Toosii, I recommend that you listen to these three songs: “Love Cycle,” “Poetic Pain,” and DaBaby’s “Bidness.”




Melii is yet another Tory Lanez protege that I think will have a big 2021.

I am extremely high on Melii. Out of all of the hip-hop women in the game, I think that she is the most versatile (She’s a helluva spitter, she can sing her butt off, and she can even make legit reggaeton songs). The best thing about her is that she has this level of spiciness/unapologeticness to her that is hella entertaining to listen to.

If you want to get hip to Melii, I recommend that you listen to these three songs: “You Ain’t Worth It,” “Big Tipper” with Lil Wayne and Tory Lanez, and “HML” with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.




Mulatto is about to mix her ability to sing with her ability to rap.

More than everyone on this list, I think that Mulatto has the biggest ‘It’ factor. Not only do I love her MC skills, but she is also witty, clever, confident, and sexy. If you don’t agree that she has the most potential on this list, tell me why she has killed every single person she has featured on a song with?

If you want to get hip to Mulatto, I recommend that you listen to these three songs: “Sex Lies,” “Muwop,” and “Bitter” with Queen Naija.