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Benny The Butcher Puts On For His Team In “Bills Mafia Anthem”


Benny The Butcher


For the first time ever, I want to make a trip out to Buffalo!

On Saturday, the Buffalo Bills got their first playoff win since 1995 (They beat the Indianapolis Colts). Next week, the team will face Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. To get Bills Mafia excited for the game, Benny The Butcher, a Buffalo native, decided to release “Bills Mafia Anthem.”

While you don’t quite get Benny The Butcher’s strongest bars on “Bills Mafia Anthem” (He leaves his clever punchlines and impeccable flows at home), at the end of the day, the song is way too exhilarating, way too lit, and way too Lil Jon-ish to ignore.

I think the Ravens are going to beat the Bills next week…

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