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Ohwowmatt Keeps It Real About His “Panic Attacks” In New Single




You have to appreciate how vulnerable ohwowmatt sounds on “Panic Attacks.”

ohwowmatt is an up-and-coming rapper that has been blessing the world with music since his sophomore year in high school. What you’re going to love about him is that he isn’t afraid to pour his heart out on the mic. With that being said, in “Panic Attacks,” ohwowmatt fearlessly talks about the first panic attack he has ever had.

Even though “Panic Attacks” is less than two minutes long, within that time, ohwowmatt does a great job of hitting us with tongue-twisting rap flows, deep-ass lyrics, and a highly infectious melody. You’re going to also love the emotional beat that ohwowmatt does work over.

Give “Panic Attacks” a shot below.


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