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Writz Block & Altrina Renee Shine On “One More Night”


Writrz Block & Altrina Renee

“One More Night” is the kind of song that we can all use in this day and age.

Really soon, Writrz Block will release a brand new album called One More Night. On it, you can expect to hear music that is both exhilarating and deep. Below is one of his best songs.

“One More Night” features hypnotizing melodies, lyrics that party-goers will love, and daring vocal performances over production that boasts nothing but lively vibes. S**t, by the time you are done listening to the song, you might f**k around and quit your job to be a full-time rager.

Writrz Block’s future is definitely bright. Initially, he started making music for therapeutic purposes, but as of late, he has been making music as a way to introduce positive, creative, and upbeat vibes to the world. Listen to “One More Night” below.


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