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The Floyds & Altrina Renee Shine On The Writrz Block’s “One More Night”


Writrz Block

Writrz Block is one of the coolest ideas in music. It is a platform that challenges artists to a 3-hour song duel. One of the songs that came out of a Writrz Block session is the enjoyable “One More Night.”

The stars of “One More Night” are The Floyds and Altrina Renee. In the song, the two musical acts hit us with hypnotizing melodies, lyrics that party-goers will love, and daring vocal performances over production that boasts nothing but lively vibes. S**t, by the time you are done listening to the song, you might f**k around and quit your job to be a full-time rager.

Listen to “One More Night” by Writrz Block, The Floyds, and Altrina Renee below.


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