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Daglio Shines In The Very Magical “La Puerta Oculta”



The energy that powers “La Puerta Oculta” is so contagious.

Daglio is both a courageous and experimental musician. In his songs, he does a great job of blending Spanish lyrics with all types of genres. In his latest single, “La Puerta Oculta,” Daglio toys with eruptive rock vibes.

“La Puerta Oculta” features an instrumental that is full of hard-hitting drums, electrifying guitars, and mystic vibes. Over it, Daglio blesses us with a boisterous vocal performance that is accompanied by intoxicating melodies and daring harmonies. If you are in need of an energy boost, you need to give this song a shot!

Stay tuned for a lot more music from Daglio in the next couple of months!


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