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Listen To “Amusing Her Feelings” By dvsn



dvsn add four more songs to “A Muse In Her Feelings.”

You will not find someone that loves dvsn more than I do. Not only do I think that Daniel Daley is a phenomenal singer, but I also think that Nineteen85 has proven that he is a well-versed producer. Today, the duo decided to release a deluxe version of their latest project, A Muse In Her Feelings.

The four songs that are added to this deluxe version of A Muse In Her Feelings are “She Said,” “He Said” (with Miguel), “Blessings,” and “Use Somebody.” What I love is that each song features different vibes, intriguing subject-matters, and outstanding vocal performances. If you are a fan of dvsn when they slightly step outside of the box, you will like this deluxe project!

Listen to Amusing Her Feelings below!

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