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BRS Kash & Mulatto Go Ham On “Kash App”


BRS Kash & Mulatto


BRS Kash sounds like Juvenile on “Kash App.”

Tonight, BRS Kash will release a brand new project called Kash Only. You will hear songs like “Throat Baby (Go Baby),” “Throat Baby (Go Baby) (Remix),” “Dance On The D**k,” and “Kash App” with Mulatto on it.

“Kash App” was made specifically for the best twerkers in the world. The song is powered by an instrumental that Mannie Fresh probably would’ve drooled over in the late ’90s and basic lyrics about spoiling strippers by BRS Kash. As for Mulatto, her competitive/freaky raps that are delivered flawlessly saves the song.

Y’all think that CashApp is happy that their application is used by so many thotties?

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