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Funk Flex Calls On Rowdy Rebel For “Re-Route (1st Day Out)”


Funk Flex & Rowdy Rebel


Funk Flex has been recruiting all of the heavy-hitters in the hip-hop game these last couple of weeks.

Despite Funk Flex’s random-ass outbursts, I give him respect for all of the underground rappers that he has put on. These last couple of weeks, he has dropped songs with both King Von and Fivio Foreign. Today, Flex decided to release “Re-Route (1st Day Out),” a brand new banger that features the newly-released Rowdy Rebel.

“Re-Route (1st Day Out)” features a drill beat that you will feel like you’ve heard before, tricky flows, and nothing but reckless/violent lyrics. You can tell that Rowdy made the song on his first day out of jail because he sounds amped as hell on it.

OK, I f**k with Rowdy Rebel’s style!

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