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Listen To “Kash Only” By BRS Kash


BRS Kash

BRS Kash explodes onto the scene with the very explicit “Kash Only.”

This week, “Throat Baby (Go Baby)(Remix)” trended on Twitter (Yes, a song called “Throat Baby” was trending on Twitter). For a lot of people, the song was their introduction to BRS Kash. Today, the Atlanta rapper decided to release Kash Only, an album that will show the world that he is more than just a one-throat pony.

On the real, every song on Kash Only will get something poppin in a private room, a bedroom, or a Burger King bathroom. While BRS Kash comes across as a regular degular southern rapper, he does a great job of sounding horny as s**t throughout the album.

Listen to Kash Only below!

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