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Listen To “Los Dioses By Anuel AA & Ozuna


Anuel AA & Ozuna

 “Los Dioses” is hotter than me in some skinny jeans.

I don’t post many reggaeton songs on this site, but I, for one, love the genre! Today, two of the biggest artists from the genre have decided to release Los DIoses, an album that combines Latin trap with authentic reggaeton masterfully.

I’m not going to lie, every song on this album is a f**king banger! While some will make you want to walk the streets of Costa Rica in a Speedo, others will make you want to apply for a job at a trap house in Puerto Rico. Whatever the case may be, Anuel AA and Ozuna’s versatility, unique styles, and intoxicating melodies are impossible to ignore!

Listen to Los Dioses below, please!

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