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Lil Mosey Toots His Own Horn On “Holy Water”


Lil Mosey


Are you supposed to sip on holy Water (I know that we are supposed to sip on wine, but I’m not too sure about holy water)?

What if someone brought a bottle of holy water to the club? That would be tight as s**t! Anywho, today, Lil Mosey decided to drop a brand new single called “Holy Water.” While the song is NOT about Christianity, I do think that Mosey talks about his Christian Dior shoes in it.

At times, I love Lil Mosey, while at other times, I think he is such a generic rapper. With that being said, I like how the Seattle native hits us with a hook that is hella catchy on “Holy Water,” but hate the fact that he sounds like your average melodic rapper on the song. Since those two things cancel each other out, I will have to co-sign the song because of the beat and Mosey’s somewhat humble/cocky-ass lyrics.

Listen to “Holy Water” below.

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